Raspberry & Blueberry Bran-Ola 400g

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A billion reasons to eat me!

Yeah, there is fibre in here to help make your insides healthy, along with raspberries and blueberries, crunchy clusters of coconut and almonds – boosted with supportive prebiotics and probiotics. Unlike other brans I don’t taste like my box!


  • 25% of your daily fibre intake per serving
  • Pre + Probiotics. 1 billion colony forming units per serving
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Wholegrains (32%) (oats (18%), triticale (14%)), brown sugar, wheat bran, vegetable oil, oat flour, prebiotic fibre (chicory root fibre), sunflower seeds, maltodextrin, coconut (contains sulphites), almonds, sorghum flakes, pumpkin seeds, freeze dried fruits (1.8%) (raspberries (1%), blueberries (0.8%)), probiotic culture (Bacillus Coagulans), natural flavour.

Contains Gluten (Oats, Triticale, Wheat Bran), Tree Nuts (Almonds), Sulphites.
May be present: Peanuts, Other Tree Nuts, Dairy, Soy, Lupin.

1 review for Raspberry & Blueberry Bran-Ola 400g

  1. Toni O’Brien

    Tastes delicious and very filling. First serving today, see how it goes over the next month.

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